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Acronym: REEEM
Title: Role of technologies in an energy efficient economy – model based analysis policy measures and transformation pathways to a sustainable energy system
Call: H2020-LCE
Funding scheme: RIA – Research and innovation action
Grant agreement no.: 691739
Duration: 42 Months
Start date: February 2016
Estimated Project cost: €3,997,458.75
Requested EU contribution: €3,997,458.75
Total effort: 423.5 Person-months
Project coordinator: Mark Howells – Department of Energy Technology, School of Industrial Engineering and Management, Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan (KTH Royal Institute of Technology)
Project Officer: Manuela Conconi


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District heating in cities as a part of low-carbon energy systemHast, Aira; Syri, Sanna; Lekavičius, Vidas; Galinis, Arvydas
Water use in electricity generation for water-energy nexus analyses: The European caseLarsen, Morten Andreas Dahl; Drews, Martin
Attributing differences in the fate of lateral boundary ozone in AQMEII3 models to physical process representationsP. Liu; T. Spero; C. Hogrefe; U. Im; J. H. Christensen; J. Bieser; U. Nopmongcol; G. Yarwood; R. Mathur; S. Roselle
Assessment and economic valuation of air pollution impacts on human health over Europe and the United States as calculated by a multi-model ensemble in the framework of AQMEII3Im, Ulas; Balzarini, Alessandra; Baro, Rocio; Bellasio, Roberto; Bianconi, Roberto; Bieser, Johannes; Colette, Augustin; CURCI, Gabriele; Farrow , Aidan; Flemming , Johannes; Fraser, Andrea; Brandt, Jorgen; Jimenez-guerrero, Pedro; Kitwiroon, Nutthida; Liang, Ciao-Kai; Nopmongcol, Uarporn; Pirovano, Guido; Pozzoli, Luca; Prank, Marje; Rose, Rebecca; Sokhi, Ranjeet; Tuccella, Paolo; Geels, Camilla; Unal, Alper; VIVANCO, Marta G.; West, Jason; Yarwood, Greg; Hogrefe, Christian; Galmarini, Stefano; Hansen, Kaj M.; Christensen, Jesper H.; Andersen, Mikael S.; Solazzo, Efisio; Kioutsioukis, Ioannis; Alyuz, Ummugulsum
Influence of anthropogenic emissions and boundary conditions on multi-model simulations of major air pollutants over Europe and North America in the framework of AQMEII3Im, Ulas; Bellasio, Roberto; Bianconi, Roberto; Bieser, Johannes; Colette, Augustin; Curci, Gabriele; Farrow, Aidan; Flemming, Johannes; Fraser, Andrea; Jimenez-Guerrero, Pedro; Kitwiroon, Nutthida; Christensen, Jesper Heile; Liu, Peng; Nopmongcol, Uarporn; Palacios-Peña, Laura; Pirovano, Guido; Pozzoli, Luca;Prank, Marje; Rose, Rebecca; Sokhi, Ranjeet; Tuccella, Paolo; Unal, Alper; Geels, Camilla; Vivanco, Marta G.; Yarwood, Greg; Hogrefe, Christian; Galmarini, Stefano; Hansen, Kaj Mantzius; Brandt, Jørgen; Solazzo, Efisio; Alyuz, Ummugulsum; Balzarini, Alessandra; Baro, Rocio
Assessing the benefits of demand-side flexibility in residential and transport sectors from an integrated energy systems perspectiveLi, P. H.; Pye, S.
From the development of an open-source energy modelling tool to its application and the creation of communities of practice: The example of OSeMOSYSGardumi, F.; Niet, T.; Almulla, Y.; Ramos, E.; Burandt, T.; Balderrama, G. P.;Moura, GNPD; Zepeda, E.; Alfstad, T.; Shivakumar, A.; Morrison, R.; Taliotis, C.; Broad, O.; Beltramo, A.; Sridharan, V.; Howells, M.; Hörsch, J.
Transition to carbon neutral energy systems – implications to district heating in citiesHast, Aira; Syri, Sanna; Welsch, Julia; Korkmaz, Pinar; Balyk, Olexandr
Transparency, reproducibility, and quality of energy system analyses ? A process to improve scientific workHülk, Ludwig; Müller, Berit; Glauer, Martin; Förster, Elisa; Schachler, Birgit
Comprehensive representation of models for energy system analyses: Insights from the Energy Modelling Platform for Europe (EMP-E) 2017Müller, Berit; Gardumi, Francesco; Hülk, Ludwig
Technology interdependency in the United Kingdom’s low carbon energy transitionSteve Pye, Pei-Hao Li, Ilkka Keppo, Brian O’Gallachoir
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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 691739.


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