PLEXOS Integrated Energy Model is a simulation software designed for energy market analysis. It was first developed as an electricity market simulator. Its functionality was then extended so that the recent versions of PLEXOS integrate electric power, gas, heat and water. PLEXOS is a high-performance simulation platform, operationally used by energy market participants, system planners, investors, regulators, consultants and analysts worldwide. The PLEXOS simulations are based on mathematical programming. The system supports various planning horizons from long-term to short-term, and several different time steps: the simulated time frames can range from minutes and hours to tens of years. The PLEXOS models can capture specifics of short-term operational limits, as well as the effects of system expansion. Further information and details on PLEXOS can be found on Energy Exemplar web site [1].

Within REEEM, PLEXOS is used for modelling in case study on “Grid and Dispatch in South-Eastern Europe”. The main objective of this case study is to verify the feasibility of dispatch calculated in the Integrated European Model (IEM) for five countries in South-Eastern Europe and to analyse the influence of short-term variability on long-term investments and resulting system configurations.

PLEXOS model FACT SHEET available here.