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Upcoming: REEEM participates in the Decarbonisation Networking Workshop in Brussels

Francesco Gardumi from KTH, on behalf of the REEEM project, will participate to the Decarbonisation Networking Workshop co-organised by the European Commission’s DG RTD and the Executive Agency for SMEs (EASME) on February 7th, 2018. The workshop will bring together EU-funded climate mitigation projects with the objective to stimulate peer-to-peer and science-to-policy discussions on how to get the most out of EU-funded projects for the benefit of the society and policy-making. The four LCE21-2015 projects REEEM, MEDEAS, SET-Nav and REflex,...

REEEM stakeholder workshop on EU Energy transition pathways

Organised jointly by KTH, University of Stuttgart and University College London, the REEEM Stakeholder Workshop on pathway definition was held in Brussels, on October 6th. 19 invitees from the academia, research centers, private consultancies as well as the EC participated actively in 4 work sessions. The main theme of the workshop was the definition of long-term, energy transition and decarbonisation pathways for the EU, to be analysed with the multi-sectoral modelling framework set up in the REEEM project. The core...

REEEM Stakeholder Workshop on the definition of EU decarbonisation pathways

On October 6th, the REEEM project will hold a Stakeholder Workshop at InnoEnergy premises, Brussels. The workshop, first of a series of two, will focus on the definition of decarbonisation pathways for the EU energy system. After an initial presentation by the European Commission’s DG RTD and by REEEM, the participants will work in groups and provide their insights on relevant context, technical and policy assumptions. The agenda is available HERE

Energy Storage Workshop 21-22 Sept

On the 21-22 September 2017, the EERA Energy Storage and Onsite project will organise a workshop, hosted by Ericsson, in Rome. This second workshop following the first workshop in San Sebastian in March 2017 aims at continuing the discussion about the use of different energy and energy storage technologies in combination. The agenda is available HERE. In case you would like to attend it, please register HERE.

REEEM workshop in Stuttgart 3-4 July

In the workshop with University of Stuttgart (USTUTT) and the Lithuanian Energy Institute (LEI) case studies from WP3 and WP6 will be discussed in detail. As part of WP3 the NEWAGE model and the LEI CGE model will be presented. As part of WP6 the TIMES PanEU country models and MESSAGE model will be presented. The second day of the workshop includes a detailed discussion about the TIMES PanEU country models.

REEEM Technology and Innovation Roadmap Workshop on Energy Storage Applications

On the 19th of May 2017, the REEEM project has hosted its first REEEM Technology and Innovation Roadmap Workshop on Energy Storage Applications, in Brussels. Energy storage is at the top of the EU priorities for the Energy Union, as stated in the Clean Energy Package for all Europeans. Therefore, the objective of the REEEM roadmap is to explore different applications of energy storage and, identify and prioritize the criteria that lead to competitive and innovative actions for the application...

MAGIC project’s workshop ‘New narratives of Energy and Sustainability’

On April 20th, the workshop ‘New narratives of Energy and Sustainability’, organised by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre within the Horizon 2020 project MAGIC (Moving Towards Adaptive Governance in Complexity: Informing Nexus Security), took place at the Commission’s headquarters in Brussels. The workshop is part of an Inspirational Workshops Series. Horizon 2020 modelling project REEEM participated and contributed to the round table on the need for debunking myths in the definition of narratives for the future of the EU...

REEEM at the 5th workshop of the openmod-initiative in Milano

At the workshop of the open energy modelling initiative in Milano on 27th and 28th of October the REEEM project was presented to the modellers by KTH. The concept of the OpenEnergy data base which will also be used for REEEM was discussed in three subgroups under the lead of RLI. The workshop is a regularly highlight of international modellers developing or using open source models and data.