Starting today: Online course on battery storage technology

Based on the results of the first REEEM roadmap on battery storage application (see deliverable D2.1a), an online course has been designed and produced by InnoEnergy in order to answer the question: Could battery storage technology be the answer to imbalanced energy demands?

This course primarily is based on the analyses and findings of the REEEM roadmap and will cover:

  • The need for flexibility demand in the EU electricity industry and the role of battery storage.
  • Battery storage technologies: characteristics, potentials and limitations
  • Grid-scale application of battery storage
  • Behind-the-meter application of battery storage
  • Off-grid application of battery storage
  • Battery storage application in mobility

Attendance in this course is free and participants need to spend three hours a week over a period of three weeks to finish this course.

You can access this course via this link. 

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