A look back at the 6th REEEM General Assembly

Participants of the REEEM GA in Faroe Islands

From November 26th to 28th the sixth General Assembly of the REEEM Project was held in Tórshavn in the Faroe Islands. For this meeting, project partners from the participating research institutions came together to discuss the state of the project, present and discuss intermediate results from the different models.

The focus on the discussion was to evaluate the different scenarios regarding the impact on social, environmental, political and economic dimensions such as air quality, people’s health, the gross domestic product (GDP), the countries’ economy in general and resources and primary materials. Moreover the questions were discussed of how the different models could be connected and the data exchanged between the models.

Workshop at the GA

Also, the REEEMpathways tool was tested and feedback was given to improve the tool. The tool aims to visualize the output and calculations from the different models.

On the second meeting day the attendees of the GA visited the electrical company SEV, the power provider of the Faroe Islands, where Terji Nielsen, Head of the R&D department presented SEV’s strategy towards 100% renewable energy in the Faroe Islands in 2030.

© Images: Tokni

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